Pantieology /パンティオロジー(パンティー学)とは、女性(または女性の下着を着用している人たち)の所有するパンティーを調査・取材・ドローイングして、採集データの分類・解析を試みる、学問的アートです。 インタビュー対象者には、所持しているパンティーの中から、① 一番セクシーなもの、②一番リラックスできるもの、③一番お気に入りのものの、計3枚を選んでもらい取材しています。現在までに70人程を取材し、ジャーナリストや作家、弁護士、医師、キュレーター、アーティスト、ミュージシャン、国籍では日本、フランス、アメリカ、イタリア、ポーランド、イランなど、様々な国籍・職業・年齢の方にご協力いただきました。 パンティオロジーの研究を始めて解ったかったことは、女性はそれぞれパンティーへの哲学があるということ、その時期によって履いているものも変わるので、心のバロメーター的な存在であるということです。 また、時に本人がセクシーに思うパンティーと恋人が セクシーと感じるものにギャップがある様です。そして、パートナーが変わると女性のパンティーの趣味も変化することもあるようで、興味深いのです。
The term "pantieology" refers to the scholarly art of collecting, sorting, drawing, and analyzing data relating to the underwear used by women (i.e., panties), such as the age, place of residence, and occupation of the owners.
Concretely, the process begins with assembling the contributors and requesting them to provide three pairs of panties from among those they own, according to certain preset criteria. The selected items are photographed at the time of data collection and returned. At the same time, on the basis of a questionnaire, the contributors are interviewed. This data, once collected, is drawn, and then, following a set procedure, the data is analyzed, after which the results are made public on the web, via exhibition, and in published materials. The main purpose of this research is to enable one to glimpse the lives of modern people and their individual stories through the combination of a scholarly approach and art (expression), via the lens of the panty.
Panties are usually hidden. It is important to note that panties are much more personal  than other items used in daily life, even other kinds of underwear such as brassieres. Given this, one might expect resistance from potential contributors when they are approached for panty-related data collection, but, interestingly, in the surveys carried out up until this point, I have found that people willingly (and even amusedly) cooperate, regardless of nationality, occupation, or age. (Contributors so far have included journalists, authors, lawyers, doctors, curators, artists and musicians, and people from France, the USA, Italy, Iran, and Japan, among others.)
As a result of this experience, I am confident that, by means of plunging into the extremely private domain of panties, it is possible to leap over many kinds of barriers and touch the humanity of others even at a first meeting. One can say that this is a new form of communicative art utilizing the medium of underwear. I want to hear the stories of new and different people. I want to hear the stories of people from all the different cultures of the world. This feeling was the impetus for the present project.

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